Phentermine is one of the world’s most potent prescription only weight loss drugs. Many people who are obese in the United States, Australia, UK and the rest of the world looking for some type of drug that will help curbing their appetite and give them extra energy to live active lifestyle. Many go to their doctor and ask for this drug. After going through careful medical exam, if approved by doctor, they can obtain prescription to get on Phentermine diet.

What’s in it and why it is so popular?

This drug gives patients exactly what they are looking for – rapid weight loss. Why? Reason is that main compound is a very strong amphetamine and it stimulates patient’s brain in the way that adrenal gland releases neurotransmitters that sends messages to the brain and basically saying “I am not hungry”. Also levels of dopamine and serotonin go up and that gives user pleasant feelings and energy. Overall when people are on it, they feel great and in result they eat less and exercise more.


This drug was first discovered in 1959. Until about 1970s Phentermine HCL was not available on the market. Nobody knew what to use it for. At first it was produced as a weight loss drug by King Pharmaceuticals and received immediate recognition among doctors worldwide. Later, around 1998, Adipex-P and Obestin was discovered as a brand name of Phentermine 37.5mg HCL.
Popular drug Fen-Phen was produced in 1997 and included combination of Phentermine and fenfluramine. It was widely acceptable weight loss drug, but after 24 cases of heart failure, it was taken out of the market. Later studies discovered that about 30% of patients developed heart problems while using Fen-Phen.

Phentermine was later added to controlled substance list by many countries worldwide and possession without proper paperwork leads to similar crime levels as other illegal substances. Currently, in the United States, this drug is schedule IV controlled substance.

Is it possible to order Phentermine online without prescription?

The answer is absolute NO. Nobody in the world is allowed to sell it without prescription. No pharmacy will ever sell it over the counter. No internet store is authorized by any country to sell Phentermine online. If you come across anyone trying to convince you otherwise, they are breaking the law. This drug can only be sold to you at the pharmacy, with you signing for it and only with prescription from your primary care physician. Any other sales are strictly prohibited and carry hefty fines and lead to jail time. There no such product, generic or brand name exists that can be sold without prescription!

What we sell

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